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You bros and babes don't make our jobs easy with these contests. We appreciate the level creativity and level of ridiculousness you are willing to go to in order to catch our attention and this #HBSelfie Contest was no exception. Congrats @DaBombFlores you are the winner of the #HBSelfie Contest and the Ipad Mini! This man got all artsy on us with his iPhone extender he snapped this selfie knee-deep in water at Holfox Island, Washington. Not only that, but he gave our man Marshawn some love by rocking his Beastmodes shades. Well played dude... Well played. Since it was hard...

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Enjoy the weekend! Don't forget to snap those #HBSELFIES over the weekend so you can win that ipad mini! PS It ends May 2nd so snapchat, IG, FB, Tweet away.

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Don't deny it, you have had that damn #SELFIE song stuck in your head too. It's catchy and it made us think.. We get tons of selfies from our HeadBro Babes + Bros rocking their shades every single day and we really dig it. What can we do to say thank you to all of you? Who likes the sound of a free Ipad Mini? From now till May 2nd, snap a pic of you in your HeadBros and share it with us including the Hashtag #HBSelfie. That's all you have to do and you are automatically entered. Best HeadBro Selfie wins! ...

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