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HeadBabes are Lovin' on these Magenta Finlays..and for good reason. Recently they were snapped and spotted at the Eyup Sultan Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey.. That's right ladies, we are internationally known. #HollaAtchaBoi

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  Our Women Crush Wednesday undoubtedly goes to MTV Star - Vivian Kindle. Looks familiar? You've seen this smokeshow and her famous ass-ets on the MTV series Wild-N-Out {yes.. the one hosted by Nick Cannon}. Last week she through some shade love for a brief, but memorable moment in time to HeadBro on Instagram. She was loving on our Hammers, 'Murrcas and Finlays. We ask you, if Vivian Kindle loves it.. Don't you think you should?  So you now understand why this made our day right? Scroll down....     Your welcome. Happy Humpday.

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We know you probably aren't paying attention to anything but the big...glasses that appear in this picture. Go ahead. Gawk on my friend. We love this pic snapped in her Finlays by up-and-coming artist Ashley Angel from the group Liv. We are sure that we aren't alone in this when we say thank you for sending this to us. 

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