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Who's got their Team USA shades on for the US vs Portugal game?  #GAMEFACE

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The World Cup is only a few days away and we can hardly wait! If you are anything like us, you will be live-streaming the game {while quickly exiting when the boss passes you by}, catching up on highlights on Twitter and screaming uncontrollably at your various gadgets when they SCOREEEEEE! We know your type. You Murrca lovers you. This is why we have released our limited edition Team USA Shades and Team Tricolor Shades for all you Team Mexico supporters. They are here for only a moment in time, so make sure you are rocking your RED-WHITE-AND-BLUE for the...

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We have our countdown going - 8 more weeks till the World Cup starts which means you officially have 'permission' from the FIFA gods to do one thing. Watch TV at work without having to close it out quickly just in case your boss/teacher/mom/dad is behind you. Because you do know one thing - they are into it too. Permission granted. Gearing up for the main event we thought World Cup inspired shades for #TeamUSA and #TeamMexico might be cool. What do you think? Tell us!

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