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If you aren't familiar, Tomorrowland is a rage fest get-so-drunk-you-don't-know-who-you-are kind of situation. It's the festival of all festivals and this pic happened to be snapped at the Tomorrowland in Belgium. Showing full 'Merrica pride, our Tank Underwoods made a patriotic appearance. In true bro-form, this bro's phone was an expected casualty. Lucky for us, it was shared right before it was magically displaced..  Check out the next Tomorrowland fest and get yourself there asap.

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It's Sunday, which means the car is washed, the sun is out and your Hammers are on. Warning: HB Hammers - Swag and Babe Magnets included.

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It's not difficult to see why we picked today's #WCW. Model and Maxim's Hometown Hottie Semi-Finalist Stephanie Straface is a bonafide smoke. She is looking like a dime in our Purple Originals  which makes her certifiably a HeadBabe. Hey HeadBabes - want to be featured? Just snap a pic and make sure you tag us #HeadBro for a chance !

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We JUST crossed over 10,000 Facebook Fans who are spreading the Bromance across the nation. As a way to thank all of you, we want to give you a little something. How does 10 new pairs of shades sound to you? Be sure to 'like' the pic on Facebook and comment to be eligible. We will give the grand prize to a randomly selected winner. Want to increase your chances? Get creative on what you say. Make it memorable.  By the way - how bad ass is this painting of Muhammad Ali vs Sonny Liston ? Did you notice the HB...

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Nothing says all American like American Pie, the Golden Gate Bridge and our Team USA shades. Happy Murrca Day! 

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