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It's not difficult to see why we picked today's #WCW. Model and Maxim's Hometown Hottie Semi-Finalist Stephanie Straface is a bonafide smoke. She is looking like a dime in our Purple Originals  which makes her certifiably a HeadBabe. Hey HeadBabes - want to be featured? Just snap a pic and make sure you tag us #HeadBro for a chance !

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Is there anything better than a San Diego Chargers Cheerleader in HeadBro Hammers? Yup. A Cheerleader doing Backflips in HeadBros. Mission Accomplished. Babes LOVE the Bro. 

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HeadBabes are Lovin' on these Magenta Finlays..and for good reason. Recently they were snapped and spotted at the Eyup Sultan Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey.. That's right ladies, we are internationally known. #HollaAtchaBoi

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It's Monday but thankfully it's only a four day week. Four official days until the start of what's bound to be an epic weekend of sun, pools/beaches and booze. Do you have all of your essentials? HeadBro shades - like the Yellow Neonesque Originals you see here? Unnecessary swirly straw? Check. Game face on? Check. Check. Check. In hopes that you aren't THAT bro or babe without your HB shades, there is still time to order all your shade needs with promo code JULY4 to save an extra 15% off your order.  Don't worry. The week will go by fast.....

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The World Cup is only a few days away and we can hardly wait! If you are anything like us, you will be live-streaming the game {while quickly exiting when the boss passes you by}, catching up on highlights on Twitter and screaming uncontrollably at your various gadgets when they SCOREEEEEE! We know your type. You Murrca lovers you. This is why we have released our limited edition Team USA Shades and Team Tricolor Shades for all you Team Mexico supporters. They are here for only a moment in time, so make sure you are rocking your RED-WHITE-AND-BLUE for the...

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