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Top Spring Break Destinations – Who’s ready to Rage?


Listen up Bros and Babes – we are just like you; partying and pushing the limits is the name of our game! We are constantly searching for the best spots to rage and it got us thinking – where are the best spots to turn up? Whether you are turning 21, taking a week off from her, or going out with the girls after a rough break up, we are certain these destinations will make you go crazy in the club!




Come on, what better way to end your day on the beach than hit this massive pool party? We don’t care if you speak Portuguese, English, or whatever – you’re speaking our language if you want to go out and continue the party til’ the sun comes up. Scratch that- we’ll be partying until well after the sun comes up. Rinse and repeat the entire time we’re there.



In the words of our main man Will Smith – “I’m going to Miami" 

Miami, Florida

We all know South Beach is the spot! Three words: Ultra Music Fest. An electronic rave of babes, EDM, neon and where basically anything goes. Don't be surprised to catch bros and babes in a mix of bikinis {we aren't complaining}, tutus, body paint.. you get the picture.  Don't be caught without some neon sunglasses or rockin an HB TANK down in that pit!



 Three words… The. Yacht. Week.


The pictures say it all! Whether it’s Croatia, Greece, Thailand, BVI, or more – our Bros over at TYW make it happen! You can be sure to see the HB logo all over the place when hitting these destinations. It’s even been rumored that THE HeadBro himself often frequents these hotspots throughout the year, so if you’re lucky enough to meet him, be sure to have a shot waiting!





Just take it all in people! From the sickest pool parties at Rehab to some of the best DJ’s spinning at the local clubs – come on Bros, it’s VEGAS! Babes are always looking on point and Bros are ready to treat them to a drink. The party never. stops.

Trust us, these are all great spots to hit with your group but when it comes to the hottest of the hot, craziest of the crazy, only one place takes it all the way all the time – Cabo!

Don't forget to share all your Spring Break pics with us in your HB sunglasses and gear, so we can feature you.

Nuff' said.



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