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Our 5 Best Celeb Bromances

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we decided to flip the script and focus on arguably the most importance relationship with that special someone - not your girlfriend -  but your best bro. We are counting down our top 5 favorite bromances who take besties with testes to a whole other level. 

1. Justin Timberlake + Jimmy Fallon: When music and comedic genius collide, it's in the form of JT + JF. We'll admit it, if there was a chance for us to be the third wheel of this bromance, we'd jump right on board. If you have been living under a rock and haven't caught moments like History of Rap or when JT is impersonating JF, these guys are just f*ing awesome. #Hashtag can we be friends?


2. Kanye West + Jay Z:  We have found someone else who loves Yeezus as much as Yeezy loves Yeezus {are you following?}. No we aren't talking about Kim, but Jay-Z. Despite Kanye's crazy ass rants or questionable wardrobe choices, his boy Jay always has his back. Plus, these two make some beautiful music ass music together. Watch the Throne - 'Nuff Said. 

3. Brad Pitt + George Clooney: These two are what we affectionately refer to as bro-aspiration or brospiration. When bros become men, you can only hope to be half as awesome as this dynamic duo. How awesome must it be to have worked in several movies with your best bro by your side? We wonder what these two must talk about when you are the two most awesomest grown bros, ever? Bottoms up to another 50 years you two.

4. Bill Belichick + Tom Brady: Perhaps this bromance is more of a Father-Son fling, but nonetheless, Tom Brady is Bill Belichick's ride-or-die-bro. Love 'em or hate 'em, these have broken records together which include the most wins as a starting QB + the most career coaching wins. 


5. James Franco + Seth Rogen: Last, but certainly not least, we had to end with the most hysterical, makes-you-laugh-so-hard-you-cry bromance that is literally in a league of their own.These two are closer than close - remember that recreation of Bound 2? Amazing. Pineapple Express? A classic. It's also pretty bad ass to have the entire world - literally the entire world - talking about your movie that isn't allowed to be released because of hacker paranoia? Pretty bad ass to have your best broman by your side. Keep on keepin' on bros and we will keep on laughing.

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