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Why Earl Thomas is One Fly Mofo

If you didn't catch our flood of tweets on Superbowl Media Day, Earl Thomas - #29 of the Seattle Seahawks addressed the media looking like one fly mofo. Here's why we think Earl is killin the game:

  • This hat basically says I-dont-give-a-f*#% what you think. You'd could either be a bro about to tee off a fresh 18 or maybe on your grandpa chillen' on the beach. Earl Thomas Don't Care. He fielded questions at the Super Bowl XLIX Media Day in New Era Seattle Seahawks Training Straw Hat . Yes - a straw hat - now making farmer fashion feel versatile and cool for any occasion. PS - TOTAL bro move. 

  • Teammate Marshawn Lynch tossed his boy Earl a pair of our Beast Modes 3.0. You can only imagine our excitement when we started seeing pics and posts all over NFL Network with this man rocking our shades. Keepin’ it boss in the neon and blue bro - we appreciatecha. 
    • Earl Thomas came out with his shoe game on lock, sporting the metallic/liquid metal-esque Air Jordan 6 “Super Bowl” PEs with black laces for contrast. His kicks come custom with a premium quilted insole showcasing a custom Superbowl crest with the Seahawks Logo and his number #29. Some fresh, customized J's definitely screams dopeness brooooo.

    With his outfit game tight, we tip our hat to the man, the bro, Earl Thomas. 

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