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Top 6 Most Brotastic Gifts

Contrary to popular belief, bros are pretty easy when it comes to shopping for them and what makes 'em happy. No need to over complicate things, we've found our top 5 best most brotastical gifts for all the quintessential bros in your life. 

1. Polaroll Camera Toilet Paper Holder + Paper


Oh yes.. this is a real thing. We aren't suggesting that this is a stand alone gift, but any frat bro would appreciate additional entertainment in their 'sanctuary'. Pick this one up at Urban Outfitters or online.

 2. Pong Head Game

You might be asking yourself why? The question you should be asking is why the hell not? This is the gift that will keep giving... at every party.


3. Hammer Shades


These shade mavens are a must. Our Hammers - no matter what color - are like Facebook in real life, because they allow you to start at people without getting caught, all the while looking like a complete bad ass.


4. 'The Where Am I?' Shorts 

 Now we know what you are thinking, 'HB, really shorts in the middle of Winter?' To that we say yes, because with Chubbies 'Skies Out, Thighs Out' motto is applicable 24/7, 365. Just get them, ok?


5. Old Glory Feat Socks

 Nothing says patriotism quite like wearing it on your feet. Anything to do with 'Merica is going to be a home-run win with your bro.


6. Rowdy Gentleman Tees


Rowdy gentleman, need we say more? These shirts and tanks are sure to round out any broholiday. If you aren't familiar, the above are a mild sampling of 80s-throwbacks/fratty/America/Reagan-Bush/Sunday Funday-themed or otherwise quintessentially rowdy gear. We are all about it.

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