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Top 5 Awesomely Bad X-mas Sweaters

The Holidays are known for so many things. Cookies, Gifts, Reindeer, Trees and our favorite.. Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties. Here at HeadBro these parties are no joke and we prepare months in advance and are U.S.E's {Ugly Sweater Experts}. We are sharing our top 5 awesomely bad, ridiculously hideous but completely awesome. 


1. The 3D Reindeer


Behold the 3D Reindeer Sweater. One of the fugliest, most obscure of the ugly sweater clans that is sure to kill any lovin' coming your way. Despite this fact, we still love to hate it.


2. Happy Birthday Jesus 

Remember when those 'Jesus is my homeboy' shirts were popular in the 2000s? Those were pretty odd then and this Jesus-is-the-reason-for-the-season type of shenanigans is taking it to all new heights. Happy Birthday Jesus


3. The Yeti


Just have to throw it out there, what on earth does a Yeti have to do with Christmas? The Holidays? Still scratching our heads on this.. 


4. The Santa Claws


What is it about Cats and Weird Catcentric Holiday Cards. The Santa Claws sweater is a funny-in-an-awkward-way. Can't you picture it? 'Have a Purrffect Holiday' 


5. Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer

I mean, seriously?? This is just all sorts of disturbing. It's beyond weird. No need for Grandma related assaults. This is one sweater that should probably just be put back at the bottom of your drawer. 


Show us your ugly sweater pics with you wearing your shades by including #headbro. Our favorites will be featured on our social channels!

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