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Chubbies + HB - A Bromance in the Making..

We recently stumbled across a company who truly gets what we are all about. They get the desire to be carefree and just enjoying life, but most of all they truly understand the idea of just broing out. Chubbies Shorts - if you don't know, now your know. Bros - if you don't have some, we are shaking our heads at you - go get some immediately. Babes - go pick some up for your man - you will thank us later. Their slogan - 'Skies out, Thighs Out' we were completely sold. Started by a bunch of bros, these guys have breathed new life into men's short with both interesting prints and comedy. Did we mention that their zippers all say ' bomchickawahwah' - total hombre move.
Now as if our bromance couldn't go any further, we realized that our similarities went beyond just loving their styles... They are the HeadBros of the Shorts world. Evidently, we think similarly - Original Shorts, Original HeadBros. Hammer Prints, HeadBro Hammers. Call it a coincidence, but this one is just to damn good - 'Merica shorts, 'Murica shades. We are hooked. You should be too.
Top Left to Clockwise: Headbro Liberty Shades - 'Muricas , Chubbies Shorts - 'Mericas, Chubbies Shorts - Patriots, HeadBro Originals, Chubbies Shorts Originals , HeadBro Hammers , Chubbies Shorts - The Hammer Print - Can't Touch These

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  • Maurice Fleming

    I am trying to find out what sunglasses I ordered awhile back. I’ve tired signing in and it says I don’t have an account, and the order confirmation is not in my email box. If you could send me a copy of my precious order it would be greatly appreciated.

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